Prison from the Inside Out

One Man’s Journey from a Life Sentence to Freedom


Mecca was sentenced to “mandatory life,” a sentence that meant he would spend the rest of his natural life in prison with no possibility of parole.

Prison From the Inside Out tells the story of how that sentence was served, using the tools of oral history. Mecca and I are collaborating writers. I am the narrator, but I am not a mediator or modifier

Prison From the Inside Out tells difficult and very personal truths about mass incarceration as it is experienced by the convicted and their families. What we’ve written down comes directly from each of the people in this story.

We’re working towards printing copies that can be sent into prisons at no charge.   We’ll also be available to speak to your organization and to young people.


Also available on AMAZON and BARNESANDNOBLE onlinePrison from the Inside Out

The best way to donate is mailing a check to HKF, P.O. Box 61619, Durham, NC 27715. Write “Prison Inside Out” on the Memo line.  Online you follow the “honor-memory” link and write in “Prison Inside Out” for the honoree/project name.  Thank You!